Streaming service "blue TV": Swisscom relies on THEOplayer

Swiss provider will be able to apply a single workflow across all devices

THEO Technologies, a provider of universal video playback technologies for online media companies and enterprises worldwide, announces that THEOplayer will be used by Swisscom to deliver its blue TV (previously known as TV Air) service. Swisscom will now use THEOplayer across its web clients as well as on Connected TVs, simplifying workflows and creating a consist ent high quality consumer experience.

Source: THEO Technologies / Swisscom

The partnership between Swisscom and THEO started back in 2016, when Swisscom adopted THEOplayer to leverage its best-of-breed playback technology and enhance the overall quality of experience across Swisscom TV Air’s web platforms. As a result, TV Air became one of the most popular streaming services in Switzerland before recently rebranding as blue TV. The service carries a wide selection of premium live and VOD content, including top-flight football from the English Premier League (EPL) and Switzerland’s Raiffeisen Super League, shows from the BBC and National Geographic, the latest Hollywood blockbusters and much more.

Viewers will be able to enjoy their favourite blue TV content across all major Connected TV platforms. This adds to desktop and mobile web devices that were already supported via THEOplayer. Connected TV viewers will benefit from fast start-up times, rapid switching between channels and the ability to cast from mobile and tablet devices to the TV.

As well as potentially reaching a broader audience, Swisscom will be able to apply a single workflow across all devices. This will save significant time and engineering resources as content and applications will no longer need to be updated to suit a myriad of different platforms. A big step in making this possible is the adoption of THEOplayer’s SDKs across all major Smart and Connected TV devices, which ensures that streaming quality and reliability for Connected TV replicates that of traditional television.




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