DAB+: Rohde & Schwarz supplies VHF transmitters to Germany’s new multiplex

71 R&S TMV9 and R&S HV9 VHF transmitters delivered

Rohde & Schwarz has delivered 71 R&S TMV9 and R&S HV9 VHF transmitters to Media Broadcast, the operator of Germany’s second national DAB+ network. The transmitters provide all of the transmission infrastructure for Germany’s second national DAB+ multiplex.

Source: Rohde & Schwarz

Media Broadcast operates the network on behalf of platform owner, Antenne Deutschland,  and is responsible for the provisioning, installation and operation of the transmitters. The new DAB+ multiplex comprises 71 radio transmitter stations, located within the main metropolitan areas, and also along Germany’s autobahn network. The second multiplex enables a further 16 private national radio channels to broadcast over the network, meaning that Germany’s national DAB+ networks comprises some 29 digital radio channels in total.

Going live in October 2020, the new DAB+ network reaches 83 percent of Germany’s population – an audience of over 67 million people. However, the market trends look progressive since digital radio has become an indispensable part of the German media landscape. Last year, the number of DAB+ receivers in Germany increased by more than 33 percent relative to the previous 12 months and the use of DAB+ as the distribution means for radio broadcasts increased by 26 percent.  

Furthermore, the political landscape for DAB+ looks bright: from the end of 2020, all new vehicles manufactured within the EU shall be equipped with radio systems designed to receive digital radio programs.







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