Esports media network BLAST TV selects EVS solutions

VIA and Media Infrastructure solutions underpin new mobile esports production flypack

The esports media network BLAST TV has selected EVS’ VIA and Media Infrastructure solutions as the backbone of its new esports production flypack. The mobile solution is designed so that BLAST TV can produce its own live gaming events in-house. With the Covid-19 lockdown impacting mass gatherings, the flexibility of the EVS live production workflow is enabling the esports giant to put on online-only events instead.

Source: EVS / BLAST TV

The XT-VIA servers will deliver the power required for BLAST TV to record and produce live replays and highlights from the players and observers, while the XS-VIA servers provide ingest and delayed playout of the TX feeds for betting requirements. The turnkey XT-VIA solution includes 36 Full HD 1080p channels recording all the player feeds and in-game action. EVS’ next-generation IP media sharing network is at the heart of the system, enabling faster, more efficient live media sharing and storytelling by all client users.
Overseeing this infrastructure is EVS Media Infrastructure’s broadcast control and monitoring system Cerebrum. Deployed by BLAST TV’s crew to configure and manage all SDI workflows within its production environment, the EVS system manages all devices in the flypack, including the router, multiviewer, vision mixer and audio desk. Cerebrum also handles UMD and Tally for the entire system, including the XT-VIAs built-in multiviewers. And it provides customizable panels that can be designed to BLAST TV’s specific needs with production configurations that allow to easily save and reload various types of events.
EVS’ all new IP-based replay and highlights system LSM-VIA will also extract maximum potential from the next generation XT-VIA servers to create super slow-motion in-game replays and support studio analysis. By providing direct access to all the content on the network, LSM-VIA will streamline BLAST TV’s workflows so that its crew can focus solely on delivering live storytelling with the highest production standards.






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