Digital asset management: Telestream unveils newly enhanced "DIVA" version

Simplified REST API, full integration of DIVA Command into DIVA Core, more flexible options for cloud uploads and storage management

Telestream announced the launch of Telestream DIVA, the latest iteration of the renowned DIVA software suite for digital asset management. Enhancements available in Telestream DIVA include a new simplified REST API, full integration of DIVA Command into DIVA Core, more flexible options for cloud uploads and storage management, and extended migration services and restore capabilities.

Source: Telestream

Telestream DIVA Core's new simplified REST API provides core control, monitoring, configuration, and analytics endpoints. The API dialect is modeled after S3 and uses standard commands such as get, put, list, copy, delete, move, etc. for easier integration work. Now with access to more than 50 configuration endpoints, users have the headroom to configure every resource in Telestream DIVA. Twenty core control endpoints support numerous new control requests to further streamline content and storage management.

Monitoring options are likewise extended in Telestream DIVA, which supports more than 40 resource and request endpoints for monitoring services. The software features analytics endpoints for reporting on nearly 50 unique events generated by the Telestream DIVA analytics engine. The REST API now also includes support for license import and export. Because DIVA Command is now fully integrated into Telestream DIVA Core and hosted on the Telestream DIVA Core REST API Gateway, users enjoy simpler installation and configuration.

Newly added support for multithreading and multipart for S3 and related storage protocols, including Microsoft Azure, greatly improves transfer speeds with certain types of files. Users also have the option of using media priority to control cloud instance selection.

Migration services now allow users to restrict the number of simultaneous requests across all jobs. The addition of a new "restore tier" option enables users to apply the restore tier to the source in the transfer when restoring to an S/D. Along with these enhancements, Telestream DIVA includes minor updates across the software suite that improve overall performance.






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