Imagen launches new AI powered media platform "Imagen Go"

Imagen, the digital asset management company announces the introduction of Imagen Go – a smart, AI powered media platform that helps people to connect with the content they need to stay productive. Imagen Go reduces the complexity of managing digital assets and makes it easy to share, store and collaborate on creative projects.

Source: Imagen

As many businesses struggle to maintain relationships with consumers, staff and partners during the current pandemic, the demand for digital content to support marketing and communications has only intensified. Without the right digital media management solution in place, creative project teams are encountering content chaos, exacerbated by the pressures of remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Imagen Go is a secure, intuitive, cloud-based solution designed to help organisations store, organise and share digital media more efficiently. When video files are dropped into projects, Imagen Go automatically generates transcripts from the audio track, it tags objects recognised in images, and turns PDFs and documents into searchable files.  Imagen Go’s smart tagging makes finding content effortlessly intuitive.







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