Grass Valley unveils new NAS solution AMS Express

"Advanced Media Storage": Scalable, high-performance Network Attached Storage solution

Grass Valley announces the launch of AMS Express (Advanced Media Storage), a scalable, high-performance Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution that allows content producers to more easily expand storage capacity. Opening up feature-rich shared storage capability for small to medium-size media operations, AMS Express is ideal for remote production, corporate, education and outside broadcast (OB) deployments.

Source: Grass Valley

AMS Express works seamlessly with Grass Valley’s existing editing and playout solutions, allowing customers to quickly and easily expand capacity without incurring system downtime. Combining compute, network and secure storage capability in a compact 2RU footprint, the system is cost-efficient, easy-to-use, fully redundant hardware and can be up and running in hours rather than days.

AMS Express requires fewer boxes and cables than other products in its class, avoiding the need to manage storage with complex fiber channel or disk allocation. Offering up to 384 TB of raw capacity (256TB usable), it is built on top of the proven StorNext™ operating system and comes pre-installed with Grass Valley’s market-leading software for tracking media assets.






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