Tech Talk "Remote Production Solutions without Compromise"

ARRI online event on February 17, 7pm

Entitled "Remote Production Solutions without Compromise", the next ARRI TECH TALK Live will take place on February 17, 7pm. ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems expert Curt Schaller will discuss with special industry guests David Baillie, BAFTA and Emmy-winning cinematographer, Jamie Harcourt, ACO, Camera Operator, and Rob Drewett Co-Founder from Motion Impossible the safe and creative opportunities and advantages of using ARRI Remote Solutions and Camera Stabilizer Systems.

Source: ARRI

David Baillie and Jamie Harcourt will explain how they managed to capture stunning, moving cinematic images while effectively maintaining social distancing and safety protocols. David used a combination of ARRI SkyPanels, ALEXA Mini LF camera, and SRH-360 paired with the Motion Impossible AGITO robotic dolly system to show how effective the gear was on action sequences, drama, and even a car commercial.

The interview and presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session, giving participants the chance to ask your questions, and the panelists will endeavor to answer them during the event.






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