BT implements Nevion's VideoIPath orchestration and SDN control software

Upgrading the control of central video exchange service FacilityLine

Nevion, a provider of virtualized media production solutions, announced BT Media and Broadcast has implemented VideoIPath orchestration and SDN control software to upgrade the control of its central video exchange service, FacilityLine.

FacilityLine is a high-capacity, multi-format, live video exchange service that enables BT Wholesale customers to share SD, HD and UHD/4K, rapidly and securely, with hundreds of media organizations within the UK as part of the largest media community in Europe. For BT to continue with its journey towards SDN networking, automation and IP infrastructure, it required an upgrade to the control of the exchange.

BT Media and Broadcast selected Nevion VideoIPath having previously successfully implemented the software in other major high-profile deployments, including UK-wide contribution networks. In this project, VideoIPath controls two very large SDI switches, linked via tie-lines, and connecting around 1,500 sources with 2,000 destinations. Over next twelve months, more than 250,000 bookings are anticipated to take place between the sources and destinations of the FacilityLine Community. With close design and project collaboration between all parties involved, the system was successfully delivered in under 2½ months and went live in January 2021.






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