Matrox unveils new bi-directional encoder/decoder appliance

Monarch EDGE S1: new solution for remote production (REMI)

Matrox Video announces the new Monarch EDGE S1 bi-directional encoder/decoder appliance for remote production (REMI) workflows. Featuring simultaneous encode/decode support, Monarch EDGE S1 allows broadcasters to deliver secure, high-quality, low-latency program feeds from the studio to multi-camera production crews, talent, and guests in any remote location.

Source: Matrox Video

Monarch EDGE S1’s return feed functionality overcomes the two-way communication challenges in REMI and multi-site workflows by enabling smooth and natural interaction between remote and in-studio production personnel for broadcast-quality productions.

Equipped with a 3G-SDI input and output, the versatile Monarch EDGE S1 encode/decode appliance can encode a high-quality, studio-produced program feed for transport over private or public internet connections to Monarch EDGE S1-equipped sites to decode and view the return feed. Monarch EDGE S1 provides some of the lowest latencies on the market, with glass-to-glass latency as low as 100 ms, which is essential in maintaining constant and continuous communications between studio and remote staff. The full-featured appliance includes MPEG-2 TS, SRT, and RTSP streaming protocol support for secure transmission across various networks, along with tally and talkback channels to facilitate communication between camera operators and in-studio personnel.

Broadcasters deploying Monarch EDGE E4 quad-HD encoder and Monarch EDGE D4 quad-HD decoder appliances for multi-camera REMI workflows can integrate Monarch EDGE S1-based return feeds allowing camera operators and in-studio personnel to communicate accordingly during a live event and help deliver the best production possible. Monarch EDGE S1 is also well-suited for single-and multi-site remote contribution workflows. Remote contributors located across various geographical regions can simultaneously send a high-quality camera feed while receiving a return feed, resulting in a collaborative, in-studio-type communication dialog and experience between all participants.






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