National Theatre in London adopts DisTag distance monitoring device

Riedel solution to ensure proper social distancing as rehearsals begin again

The National Theatre in London is the latest organization to adopt Riedel Communications’ all-new DisTag distance monitoring device. Worn around the neck or carried in a pocket, DisTag immediately alerts the wearer via haptic, visual, and acoustic signals whenever the mandatory minimum distance to other people is about to be breached.

Source: Riedel Communications

The National Theatre has deployed a total of 220 DisTag devices to help creative teams, and technical and production crews maintain a safe distance during rehearsal, fit-up or maintenance.

DisTag features a compact and minimalist design, making it ideal for media and event production as well as public and cultural institutions such as the National Theatre. The device offers three signal levels: a vibration alarm, a three-stage LED signal, and a three-stage sound signal. The proximity limits of the warning signals can be individually defined and adjusted in accordance with local regulations for social distance. In addition, individual tags can be divided into compatible groups using the Friendly Function, which prevents alarms when users in the groups come into close contact with each other.






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