Live mixing: Calrec launches free Dolby Atmos training

Calrec, a manufacturer of audio broadcast equipment, has announced the launch of a free educational training module for mixing live broadcasts in Dolby Atmos using the Calrec Brio console.

Source: Calrec Audio Ltd.

The need to train people on how to mix in Dolby Atmos has grown rapidly through increased demand from service providers who want to deliver their live events in Dolby Atmos. These training modules explain how to create and monitor immersive mixes with a variety of inputs quickly and easily on Calrec’s cost-effective Brio console.
Now boasting 96 full DSP channel inputs, Brio is fully loaded with dynamics and delay on every path. Comprehensive automatic downmix facilities and the way its internal router allows post-fader outputs to be quickly patched as monitor inputs, make management of immersive channels simple.

Dolby Atmos takes entertainment to the next level through immersive moving audio that has the power to draw fans closer to the action as if they're at the event. From major worldwide live events to local sports, broadcasters and streaming services are choosing to deliver their premium entertainment in Dolby Atmos to provide the ultimate home entertainment experience for their customers. NBC has been producing leading sporting events in Dolby Atmos since 2016. In Europe, sports have been broadcasting Dolby Atmos since 2017, including all tier one football matches in the UK, as well as sports like cricket, basketball, boxing, tennis...even darts.






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