TVU adds subject-tracking functionality to TVU Anywhere

Leverages Apple Center Stage to Improve Operator-less Productions

TVU Networks announced its TVU Anywhere solution has integrated support for Center Stage, a new iPad Pro (M1 Chip models) feature that automates subject tracking, a feature that eliminates the need for a camera operator in many situations. Integrating technology like this new release from Apple opens the door to more professional production experiences that do not require a camera operator, complicated and expensive workflows, or purpose-built broadcast hardware.

The TVU Anywhere app now has integrated support for Apple's new Center Stage camera tracking feature.

Source: TVU Networks

TVU prioritizes continuous improvements to its platforms to keep pace with its customers’ rapidly changing requirements. The integration of Center Stage frees the reporter or anchor using TVU Anywhere from the constraints of holding a fixed position, using AI to automatically recognize the subject and tracking her as she moves. Also, as additional subjects enter the shot, such as an interviewee, the camera will automatically zoom out to capture the additional subject and then zoom back in again once the interview is complete. Center Stage is fully Integrated with TVU Anywhere via API, so no external controls are required.

TVU Anywhere is a downloadable app that turns any smartphone or tablet into a production camera, leveraging the universal availability of these devices to provide “on-air in an instant” convenience. Already in use by large media organizations around the globe, it has a wide range of capabilities such as dual-camera support, facial skin smoothing, remote pan-zoom and other camera settings that enable home, remote or field-based professionals to deliver high quality content using their mobile devices.

TVU Anywhere can deliver a full HD transmission from phones, tablets, and other mobile devices with latency as low as a half-second. With TVU’s patented Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) technology, it aggregates cellular with WiFi connections to provide reliable video transmissions. In addition to bi-directional IFB, TVU Anywhere features dual camera technology for simultaneous broadcast from front and rear cameras in a picture-in-picture or split-screen option. It also offers a unique video return feed feature for confidence monitoring.




Wie eine moderne Workflow-Lösung helfen kann,
Herausforderungen bei der Content-Produktion zu bewältigen


Die Nachfrage nach ansprechendem, hochauflösendem Content und der weltweite Videokonsum sind im letzten Jahr um mehr als 60 % gestiegen. Durch das Streaming hochwertiger Filme, Serien, Animationen und Sportereignisse sind Videos zur neuen Normalität geworden und haben sich als effektivstes Medium für die Bereitstellung von Unterhaltungs- und Schulungsinhalten und zur Interaktion mit Zielgruppen etabliert.

Angesichts des großen Bedarfs und Wettbewerbs wird es höchste Zeit, sich Gedanken über den Aufbau eines flexiblen und verlässlichen Produktions-Workflows zu machen, in dem Rohdaten und fertige Inhalte auch in den Archiven jederzeit verfügbar sind und eine optimierte Zusammenarbeit der Kreativteams die Produktionszeiten beschleunigt.





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