NBC Sports to rely on open-architecture IP technology

Grass Valley IP Technology Powers NBC Sports Stamford HQ

NBC Sports Group has chosen new IP production workflows, supplied by Grass Valley, at its headquarters in Stamford, CT. The approach harnesses the power of open-architecture IP technology to unlock an unprecedented level of scalability and flexibility, delivering a ‘better than being there’ experience for viewers around the globe.

Source: Grass Valley

Leveraging the Dynamic IP Blueprint from Grass Valley, NBC Sports has quickly revamped its infrastructure to meet the new demands of live sports, and beyond.  The cornerstone of this blueprint is Grass Valley’s Dynamic System Orchestrator GV Orbit, enabling powerful new IP workflows not possible with any other solution on the market.  GV Orbit is a unique configuration, control and monitoring solution specifically designed for the dynamic orchestration of broadcast media networks across SDI, hybrid or pure IP – ideal for companies wherever they are in their transition to IP.

NBC Sports expanded beyond the core orchestration layer with Grass Valley’s Dynamic Software Processing solutions including the Dual Channel 4K UHD Format Converter SDI-IP Hybrid Application XIP-3901-UDC-IF, the Kaleido-IP Multiviewer and Audio Live Processor maximi zing the benefit of the new IP technology.  These Dynamic Software Processing solutions pair with GV Orbit providing agile and responsive processing in the demanding environment of live sports production. When combined with Dynamic Pathfinding and Dynamic Resource Management in GV Orbit, this unlocks "a whole new level of production agility."







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