Grass Valley unveils new DIY solution "Playout Xpress"

Grass Valley's new solution Playout Xpress enables playout customers to adapt to rapidly changing audience trends in a quick way through a system that handles the most demanding channel requirements. With Playout Express, broadcasters and rights holders can quickly originate more content, across more pop-up feeds and social media, without the overhead of complex and lengthy installation projects.

Source: Grass Valley

Playout Xpress, the latest addition to Grass Valley’s market-leading playout product portfolio, is a simple, onsite, pre-commissioned system that allows the end user to define their specific requirements. It supports up to four channels of playout.  With its feature set, the new solution provides customers with a resilient automation system that can cope with the complex demands of playout at a competitive entry point. The integrated playout system can help lead to more business flexibility and faster revenue generation by reducing the complexities of deployment projects.






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