Argosy launches resilient and flexible SMPTE camera cable

"Hyperflex" carries both video signals, power, tally and talkback in one cable

Argosy, international supplier of broadcast and AV cables and infrastructure products, has launched Hyperflex, an new design of SMPTE camera cables and associated products for HD and Ultra HD. As its name suggests, the cable is flexible, but its construction also makes it robust, contributing to a long, reliable working life.

Source: Argosy

SMPTE camera cables carry both video signals, power, tally and talkback in one cable. They are also subject to heavy treatment, whether being pulled long distances on outside broadcasts or subject to constant flexing, bending and crushing on studio floors. The result is that, while fibre is seen as the best medium for camera outputs, the cables and connections have a relatively short life in comparison to Triax cables.

Argosy has addressed this challenge with the new Hyperflex cable. The fibres and copper are enclosed in an outer jacket made of a custom-developed polyurethane rubberised compound. This provides an outstanding degree of resilience and resistance to damage. In particular, its flexible nature avoids the common problem with other SMPTE cables where voltage leaks due to slight damage to the copper conductors results in the CCU failing to connect to the camera.






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