V-Nova LCEVC validated for use in mobile devices by Kineton

V-Nova, a provider of video compression solutions, announces validation of its codec-enhancer V-Nova LCEVC for use in mobile devices following laboratory testing by market-leading testing and certification company, Kineton.

Outlined within a new report, the stringent 10-week testing period recreated the end-user experience and focused on four key areas of measurement: frames-per-second playback, dropped frames, adaptive bitrate performance and power consumption. This was to certify V-Nova's LCEVC functionality and accurately identify any anomalies.
Over 1,000 extensive test scenarios were performed, enhancing two codecs (LCEVC H.264, LCEVC HEVC) on four sets of content of different genres and framerate including local playback and ABR streaming, covering the two main streaming protocols (HLS, DASH).  A range of Android and iOS devices were used to validate the capabilities of V-Nova LCEVC during each of the scenario.

99.7% of all tests proved successful on Android devices, with a 99.8% pass rate on iOS, proving the compatibility and ability of V-Nova LCEVC to facilitate efficient and high-quality video playback at varying bitrates.

Kineton also found that the performance of the hardware chipsets within the devices were not compromised during background tasks, with additional testing of CPU, GPU, memory and battery usage. The product also enhances the playback capability of legacy devices and content.







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