Media over IP: AIMS publishes free educational resources

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) has published an array of free educational resources related to media over IP for the broadcast and Pro AV industries. The collection of presentations, papers, and solutions now available on the AIMS website highlights progress in achieving an all-IP ecosystem using open standards, offers forward-looking perspectives on IP workflows, and provides practical solutions for migrating smoothly to IP.

Posted at, videos from the May 25-26 AIMS TechFest 2021 Presents: IP Showcase highlight presentations by end users, industry associations, solution providers, and technology developers on topics including IP video/audio taxonomy, live production, IPMX for both Pro AV and broadcast, NMOS, and more.

AIMS has now published and maintains a vendor guide showcasing an array of proven products from companies that support the principles of AIMS and follow the AIMS roadmap. The continually updated guide is on the AIMS website at

A new article penned by Andrew Starks, AIMS board member and director of product management for Macnica, has been posted to the IPMX website. Titled Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX), the article offers perhaps the most comprehensive explanation of IPMX published for broad consumption, and touches on development of the emerging open-standard protocol and how it addresses the particular requirements of the Pro AV industry.





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