"M2A Connect": Novel cloud-based live frame rate converter revealed

M2A Media, Hiscale and InSync Technology to collaborate

M2A Media announced its collaboration with InSync Technology and Hiscale to bring the "very first" motion-compensated, live, cloud-based frame rate conversion service, "M2A Connect | Cloud Frame Rate Converter", to the global market.

Source: M2A Media

Many broadcasters find they need ad hoc frame rate conversion to handle unexpected peak demand or planned additional services for special events, such as international sports tournaments and major competitions. Keeping proprietary hardware on-premises for irregular use is costly and limiting. In particular, transporting equipment and staff around the world to support each event is expensive and inefficient. Frame rate conversion hardware often has lengthy supply lead times, exacerbated by the recent semiconductor shortage, which can delay the on-time, in-budget delivery of broadcast projects. M2A Connect turns this traditional model on its head.

Integrated with M2A Media's cloud acquisition, aggregation, and distribution system, the cloud frame rate converter is a live, cloud-based, motion-compensated frame rate conversion service. Delivered entirely as an on-demand, pay-per-use solution, it offers broadcasters and OTT platforms flexibility and scalability without the capex costs usually associated with traditional, hardware-based frame rate conversion.

The cloud frame rate converter enables global broadcasters to accept content in any frame rate and to convert it to a high-performance feed for local output, regardless of where the content owner may be, without the need to invest in, host, and support dedicated hardware. The solution is orchestrated through M2A Connect scheduling, which means live events can be scheduled for frame rate conversion as required without manual intervention on the day.









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