Data analytics and metadata exchange: SDVI launches new Rally services

Rally Insight and Rally Connect reveiled

SDVI, platform provider for cloud-native media supply chains, expanded its Rally media supply chain platform with the introduction of two new products: Rally Insight and Rally Connect. The Rally Insight data analytics service transforms the immense volume of supply chain data gathered by the Rally platform into actionable intelligence, and the Rally Connect content and metadata exchange service simplifies and accelerates delivery and receipt of content across the media supply chain ecosystem.

Source: SDVI

The SDVI Rally media supply chain platform deploys all the applications and infrastructure to create a dynamic, responsive media supply chain. Both of the new platform services unveiled today enhance media organizations' efficiency and contribute to even greater speed and agility in embracing new business opportunities.
Rally Insight

The Rally platform collects massive amounts of data from every step in the media supply chain. Generic business data visualization tools fail to address the unique characteristics of media content, and this lack of sophistication can make it difficult for media supply chain operators to obtain relevant results based on custom metadata.

By filtering and presenting the data collected by the Rally platform, Rally Insight gives organizations a new level of intelligence about their operations, which helps them make faster, better decisions. Right out of the box, dashboards and custom charts facilitate fast and easy data visualization, enabling operators to filter and group data by show, season, project, or any other custom metadata. The result is easy access to the information that matters most to users.

With a library of predefined templates, the Rally Connect content and metadata exchange service simplifies and accelerates the delivery and receipt of content and metadata between business partners in the broader media supply chain.  Rally Connect makes it easy for partners to set up ingest or delivery profiles that streamline the movement of content and metadata. Eliminating duplicate processing and reducing friction across the supply chain, Rally Connect dramatically improves media organizations' efficiency and agility in bringing content to new platforms.






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