Bridge integrates JPEG XS compression analysis into monitoring solution

Bridge Technologies, a provider of end-to-end monitoring solutions in the broadcast field, announce that they have integrated JPEG XS compression analysis into their monitoring solution VB440. In collaboration with intoPIX, a provider of compression solutions, the VB440 provides extensive measurement metrics and applies them to the new compression standard, thus ensuring the continued flexibility of the probe in a whole host of broadcast environments.

Source: Bridge Technologies

Designed for the monitoring and analysis of ST2110 and ST2022-6 defined high-bitrate broadcast media traffic, the VB440 is a crucial component of core broadcasting networks, production studios, master control centres and outside broadcast vehicles and venues. The VB440 already represents a monitoring solution for both IP and SDI-encapsulated production environments, delivering ultra-low latency analytics of compressed and uncompressed data to provide creatives and technicians alike with the deep insight they need to ensure error-free delivery of live and recorded broadcast, from any remote location across the globe.
JPEG XS delivers a similar level of compression to that of the JPEG 2000 standard – with lossless compression of between 10 and 15 times the original, but with significantly lower latency – thus allowing for responsive, real-time production of broadcasts.
This makes the standard particularly useful in conditions where there is either limited bandwidth within a production network, or where there is a lack of control over the timing precision that can be achieved between PTP leader and follower clocks in long-haul networks between studio and venue. The ability of JPEG XS to operate across both PTP and ‘traditional’ Transport Streams makes it an incredibly flexible compression standard, and this is fundamental to delivering content in a way that is efficient and affordable, but which still ensures exceptional image quality. In essence, JPEG XS allows for broadcast networks to do more with less.  
Integration of JPEG XS compression analysis into the VB440 cements the position of the probe as an integral component of core broadcasting networks, production studios, master control centres and outside broadcast vehicles and venues, future-proofing it so that broadcasters can continue to reap the benefits of advanced monitoring and insight even as they adopt new network standards. The already significant capabilities of the VB440 – supporting data rates of up to 100Gbps and thus supporting 4K production – mean that broadcasters are granted the flexibility to monitor complex and varied network configurations that consist of both IP and legacy elements. In this way, broadcasters can ensure reliable, high-level QoS from anywhere in the world, simply by accessing the probe through an HTML-5 browser.






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