Ateme joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Ateme has announced it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. By joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, Ateme will empower the tools and technology needed to accelerate cloud deployments designed to meet customer’s business goals faster.

Source: Ateme

As part of the program, Ateme brings their comprehensive video solutions to Google Cloud to deliver a wide range of benefits to service providers, broadcasters, and content providers – including the ability to start up new video services rapidly, add larger numbers of channels, and migrate to the cloud at their pace.

Ateme’s Google Cloud-integrated solutions deliver cost-effective, high-quality services, as well as the potential for additional monetization in the future, enabling capabilities such as targeted advertising and personalization. Ateme has already demonstrated the high level of expertise, technical proficiency and customer success when running on Google Cloud. By joining the Google Cloud Partner ecosystem, Ateme will deliver even better experiences to their customers, enabling them to migrate video processing and delivery to the Google Cloud.






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