Live graphics: Flowics new EVS certified solutions partner

Flowics, creator of a platform for powering remote and in-studio production of live graphics and interactive content, announced that it has been named an EVS Certified Solutions Partner for the EVS X-One unified live production system. The partnership integrates Flowics Graphics, second screen, and streaming extensions with the X-One system, giving users a tested and validated solution for managing all overlay graphics in X-One.

Source: EVS / Flowics

X-One is designed to allow a single operator to efficiently control a full live production using a comprehensive toolset accessible through the system's set of intuitive interfaces. Compact and easy-to-deploy, the unified system is ideal for creating substantial cost savings on smaller-scale productions using up to six cameras and for providing the broadcast-quality output customers have come to expect.

Flowics brings several advantages to X-One graphics-creation workflows, including cloud-based HTML5 broadcast graphics, multiplatform audience participation and social media integration, live data integration for broadcast graphics, a web-based graphics editor and control interface to manage graphics remotely, and interactive overlays for live streams on Twitch and Facebook Live — all with no hardware or on-premise installation required.

Through this integration, Flowics and X-One's joint users can take advantage of Flowics' HTML5 cloud graphics editor to create dynamic overlays and manage graphics playlists in X-One, with a special focus on live sports productions, including player substitutions, scorebugs, match stats, and more. To enhance X-One production, they can also create interactive experiences for web and mobile with Flowics Second Screen, and they can use Flowics Streaming Extensions to add interactive overlays for audience participation and to increase watch times for live streams produced with X-One. Finally, with Flowics Data Connectors for Graphics, users can easily incorporate live data and sports statistics into their graphics, reducing time and costs for creating and managing data-driven graphics.

The integration with X-One happens through the NDI protocol using the Flowics NDI Converter App (available as a free download from this link). With this app, users will turn Flowics HTML5 graphics into an NDI video signal to be used as an input into the EVS X-One.





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