OTT streaming: Ateme enables linear parity ad insertion

Ateme announced that its NEA solution now enables linear parity ad insertion. This means that multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) can now regionalize live streams for their OTT distribution, inserting regionally targeted ads on linear streams to match what is already happening in their cable and IPTV networks. With the infrastructure for linear parity in place, they are also ready for an easy upgrade toward fully personalized advertisements.

Source: Ateme

The Ateme NEA solution uses manifest manipulation to enable MVPDs to achieve linear parity in a more efficient way compared to traditional Transport Stream (TS) splicers. Because the ad replacement is purely software-based, it eliminates the need to order and install extra hardware. This means new channels and target regions can be added in just minutes, while making operations simpler and more environmentally friendly as the solution consumes less compute resources, power and rack space per channel compared to legacy hardware TS splicers.

The NEA solution for linear parity also ensures a better viewing experience with frame-accurate ad insertions. For MVPDs in the US and Canada, it allows for the seamless meeting of mandatory requirements to offer localized streams in different states.






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