Nevion's Videopath now supports Non-Blocking Multicast (NBM)

Nevion, a provider of virtualized media production solutions, announced its flagship orchestration and SDN control software VideoIPath now supports Cisco Nexus 9000 Non-Blocking Multicast (NBM) in both active and passive mode, and multicast NATing. The latest update means customers can now take full advantage of Cisco’s Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) in conjunction with VideoIPath.

Source: Nevion

NBM passive mode allows customers using Cisco switches to fully utilize the advanced orchestration and SDN control features of VideoIPath. VideoIPath combined with NBM passive means customers can schedule connectivity, make informed routing decisions for media content, load balance and handle redundancy for media flows. All in all, this makes more efficient use of the available IP fabric capacity. Meanwhile, NBM active mode can be used to integrate with existing deployments.

In addition to this, Cisco’s DCNM provides complete life cycle management of the Nexus switching infrastructure including configuration provisioning, simplified operations with deep visibility to flows, flow path and granular bit-rate on a per flow basis, and PTP (Precision Time Protocol) monitoring that monitors performance on Nexus 9000 boundary clock functions. Together, the latest updates give media network customers everything they need to deploy and manage their IP fabric at scale.

Since these updates, Nevion has deployed several major projects running with VideoIPath and NBM, including for a German TV channel and for a nationwide Swiss initiative that connects regional studios with sports stadiums to create a larger production network. Recently, Nevion also expanded its support for Cisco products even further with the addition of Multicast NAT for Cisco Nexus 9000. Support for end-to-end RTP monitoring and multicast to unicast NAT are also planned.






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