Net Insight launches JPEG XS applications for Nimbra

Net Insight announces the launch of JPEG XS applications for the Nimbra 600 and Nimbra 1000. Based on industry partnership, the latest Nimbra software update fully leverages intoPIX’s video compression technology. Nimbra-accelerated JPEG XS is presently rolling out in support of major live events, mainly sports, where low latency and high quality are required.

Source: Net Insight

The addition of JPEG XS video compression to the Nimbra 600 and Nimbra 1000 platforms represents a breakthrough for media network operators and distributed production workflows. Compared to uncompressed video, the new solution delivers imperceptible delay, lossless image quality and a massive reduction in networking and compute resources.
For cloud-centric media networks, JPEG XS offers a portable, interoperable and cost-efficient way to access and process content in its original quality. It adds functionality to existing Nimbra products and is available as a single function or as an addition to existing installations.

Combined with Net Insight’s open-standard media delivery technology, this allows content owners and producers the ability to innovate without risk for vendor-specific limitations. By offering JPEG XS Net Insight is broadening its solution portfolio on a highly competitive broadcast media market.






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