JW Player launches Broadcast Live and Studio DRM solutions

JW Player announced that Vualto, acquired in May 2021, is now fully integrated with JW Player. As a result, two offerings formerly provided by Vualto are now available to JW Player customers: Broadcast Live (formerly Vualto Control Hub) and Studio DRM (formerly VUDRM).

Source: JW Player

Broadcast Live

Broadcast Live is a scalable video orchestration solution for Live, VOD, Live2VOD and VOD2Live. Developed specifically for media workflows, Broadcast Live brings integration with encoders, streaming servers, workflow rules and DRM into a single set of APIs and GUI. The pluggable architecture also allows for integration with third-party and existing customer systems.

Studio DRM

Studio DRM is a multi-DRM solution that enables content protection for broadcasters, sports OTT platforms and other content rights holders. It is scalable and flexible, allowing content owners to request DRM encryption keys on the fly. Studio DRM also supports the latest content protection standards including CPIX, CMAF, and CBCS.







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