IP processing: Japanese broadcast network selects EVS Neuron Compress

Lossless and low-latency multichannel JPEG XS compression

Photron, EVS’ channel partner based in Japan, has announced that a strategically important Japanese broadcast network has selected EVS Neuron Compress to support their JPEG XS encoding and decoding needs. With a compression ratio up to 12:1 and higher, the new JPEG XS codec is suited for use on low latency and bandwidth-constrained demands like live productions over local and wide area networks (LAN & WAN).

Source: EVS

This deal follows a series of Proof of Concepts (PoCs) held in 2021, where Photron and EVS were able to showcase the potential of EVS Neuron Compress by performing multiple workflow integration tests in Japan.

EVS Neuron Compress is the latest product line to be made available within EVS’ multi-functional processing platform, EVS Neuron.  Included in EVS’ wider Media Infrastructure solution offering, EVS Neuron is known in the industry as the ‘modular glue’ for IP infrastructures and can perform any of the real-time processing tasks a broadcaster needs in both SDI and IP domains.

By adding JPEG XS compression to EVS Neuron’s already extensive product suite, EVS is setting new standards in terms of network performance and flexibility in various IP environments. It is a key enabler for the successful deployment of remote production workflows, providing low latency transport of high-resolution signals for easy sharing between multiple sites, while preserving the quality of the video.

EVS Neuron Compress can be enhanced with an SDI I/O module as an option, allowing easy integration of video over IP networking with existing SDI baseband operations, also acting as bridge or gateway.







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