New control room solution: Belgian Broadcaster partners with EVS

Following a public tender process, French-speaking Belgian Broadcaster RTBF has chosen to partner with EVS, the leading provider of live video technology, on the development of a new flexible control room solution designed to increase operational flexibility, creativity and productivity across its TV, radio, and digital platforms.

Source: RTBF / EVS

Building on the capabilities of EVS’ Cerebrum broadcast control and monitoring system, the solution aims to introduce a common production environment that users can access through a dynamic and flexible interface, whether they are producing content for the broadcaster’s TV, radio or digital platforms. The resulting front end will display the necessary functionalities and propose various widgets that match multiple production requirements as well as the skills of the operator.

The solution, which is being developed ahead of RTBF’s relocation to its future Media Square production facility in 2024, is an evolution of the Control Room 42 (or CR42), a prototype born out of the broadcaster’s ambition to reinvent its working methods using cutting-edge technology. The Proof of Concept built by RTBF’s users and engineers gained high visibility across the industry for its breakthrough innovation potential and was even honored with an EBU Technology and Innovation Award in 2020.

Besides broadening the scope of operational control, the flexible control room solution will enable the support of new creative formats and optimize the back-end infrastructure without any compromise on the quality of the output. It is characterized by an open architecture that enables the control of any EVS product or third-party device needed on a live production through modular interfaces that abstract away the complexities of the underlying infrastructure from the user. The solution is also capable of scaling on-demand, to accommodate additional operators if a live production suddenly grows in complexity or to allow RTBF to quickly adapt its control room functions for back-to-back productions.




Cloud-Produktionen: Vom Zukunftsthema zur „State of the Art“-Technologie


LiveU treibt die Cloud-Revolution mit smarten Tools und Best Practices voran

Seit vielen Jahren schon reden die Visionäre der Videobranche von „Cloud-Produktionen“. Doch erst in den letzten Monaten finden Cloud-basierte Produktionstools verstärkte Anwendung. Die Coronapandemie und der damit einhergehende Ruf nach Remote Work und Kostenreduzierung haben den Siegeszug der virtuellen Videoverarbeitung zweifelsohne angetrieben. Nicht nur immer mehr Anwender nutzen die Cloud-Tools. Auch die technologischen Angebote selbst wurden immer vielgestaltiger, ausgereifter und einfacher zu bedienen. Branchenexperten dürfte es wenig überraschen, dass LiveU – Vorreiter auf dem Gebiet IP-basierten Videoproduktion und -übertragung – schon früh in die Entwicklung von Cloud-Technologien eingestiegen ist und heute eine Reihe von Lösungen im Portfolio hat, die sich bereits im Praxis-Einsatz bewährt haben.





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