Ross Video releases new LED content management system

XPression Tessera One unveiled

Ross Video announces the release of XPression Tessera One - a new all-in-one solution that provides over six million broadcast-quality pixels to drive engaging content to venue LED displays and video walls in news studios.

Source: Ross Video

Tessera One is a complete LED content management system that features customizable XPression graphic templates and DashBoard Control Panels, which offer a simple and intuitive control interface that anyone can use. For sporting events, customers can either choose to create their own graphics or take advantage of Tessera One’s library of pre-built and customizable graphics templates for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer. Either way, Tessera One helps customers produce dynamic, data-driven content that will engage fans and generate new revenue through enhanced sponsorship opportunities.

Tessera One's slimline 1RU chassis delivers up to three 1080P HD outputs, which can be mapped to fill over six million LED pixels. It also utilizes low-latency video input processing of three frames latency. This means that a video input signal passed through Tessera One with graphics composited over it will not distract the fans in the stands. What they see on-screen will appear at the same time as it does on the playing surface or stage.






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