5G VIRTUOSA project: Webinar on 8 March, 2022

Entitled "Conclusions and Lessons Learned", a webinar on the 5G VIRTUOSA project will be held on 8 March, 2022. The EU-funded 5G VIRTUOSA project is drawing to an exciting conclusion, with the completion of the final phase 3 tests.


This final phase builds upon the foundation of development and testing done in the first two phases, and adds multi-location 5G connectivity to the distributed live production system.

"We will be holding a webinar in which Nevion’s Andy Rayner will host a team of experts from the organisations involved in supporting the project. They will provide an overview of the entire 5G-VIRTUOSA project, and focus on the performance and evaluation from the final phase of testing, with a special emphasis on the lessons learnt for using 5G technology in live production", Nevion announces.







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