Catherine Gonzalez Pack new SVP of Operations at LTN Global

LTN Global announces it has appointed Catherine Gonzalez Pack as Senior Vice President of Operations. Catherine brings more than 20 years of broadcast operations experience to LTN. In her previous roles at DIRECTV and AT&T, Catherine successfully led sports and special events operations, driving innovation in sports broadcasting through integrated strategy and creativity.

Catherine Gonzalez Pack

Source: LTN Global

Catherine will be building and maintaining senior-level relationships in the media industry. Her strategic vision and expertise in leadership and communications will see her at the forefront of LTN’s customer touchpoints. Catherine’s addition to the LTN team deepens the company’s commitment and focus on providing customer-centric solutions, support and operational excellence.   

An alumna of California State University, Catherine graduated with a BA in Television and Film. She has been recognized for her efforts in the sports broadcasting space, receiving The George Wensel Technical Achievement Award at the 2016 Sports Emmys.






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