TVU Networks adds Singular overlays to TVU Channel

TVU Networks has announced a significant update to its TVU Channel solution, introduced last October. TVU Channel, a 24/7 cloud-native channel solution, is now fully integrated with for live graphic overlays.

Source: TVU Networks

TVU Channel is an infrastructure-free 24/7 channel solution that enables the user to schedule live and VOD programming from a simple web browser. The cloud-based solution can be used for playout via a traditional television channel, to an OTT channel, a pop-up channel or distribution directly to social media – simultaneously and without added infrastructure.
With the integration, users can apply Singular's vast library of template-based graphic overlays to TVU Channel programming directly from within the TVU Channel platform. The cloud-based Singular platform provides a full suite of dynamic overlays with a full authoring environment, allowing any user to recreate their own design to match their brand.Graphics can also be scheduled from Singular’s browser-based programming controls. The addition of Singular graphics provides an enhanced, cloud-based Master Control Operations (MCO) that can be deployed immediately from anywhere. In the case of a catastrophic event, station programming continues uninterrupted. With TVU Channel, users can make instant changes to scheduled live or prerecorded programming.

Singular’s REST API enables users to manage live data, trigger animations of live overlays and more and show producers can manipulate overlays remotely from any location.

As a cloud native solution, TVU Channel can be quickly deployed without any complicated configuration. There’s no extensive training needed to start. Building and managing channels is as easy to learn as an online calendar. The browser-based interface can be accessed through any laptop or smart device from anywhere in the world with Internet access.






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