Intinor debuts new Direkt link compact intercom solution at IBC 2022

Intinor will unveil the Intinor Direkt link compact (mobile and backpack) alongside new features, such as AES67 support for its intercom solution, at IBC 2022. Visitors to this year’s show will also see Intinor’s Bifrost and Direkt router series in action, with a range of new features now available.

Source: Intinor

The Direct link compact is designed to meet the needs of single camera sports and news productions where a highly agile, small crew is of the essence. The system ensures a true point-to-point connection, eliminating the need for cloud subscriptions that adds cost and latency. Direct link compact supports 4-wire intercom for comms with the master control room (MCR), return video path and features two built-in modems, with the option for additional modems to be added as required.  

Like the rest of the Direkt link range, this solution relies on Intinor’s proprietary Bifrost Reliable Transport (Bifrost) protocol, which incorporates a uniquely effective forward error correction, re-sending (ARQ), adaptive bitrate as well as network bonding to ensure maximum quality, stability, and reliability of the links. The result is more straightforward remote network management and monitoring in the field directly from the control room. As with all its solutions, Direct link compact delivers the ultra-low latency (0.5 seconds) that is Intinor’s hallmark.

Intinor has also added full support for AES67 to its intercom solution, which will further simplify remote production and remote commentary workflows, ensuring greater levels of interoperability with customers’ existing systems.






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