Ana Herruzo to deliver keynote at SMPTE Media Technology Summit

SMPTE announced that Ana Herruzo, an architect, interactive designer, and educator working at the leading edge of emerging and computational media, will deliver the keynote at the 2022 SMPTE Media Technology Summit, Oct. 24-27, in Hollywood, California.

Ana Herruzo

Source: SMPTE

"Emerging forms of media can be powerful tools for exploring the boundaries of entertainment, the arts, and architecture, and Ana has a rare depth of experience working with these tools across multidisciplinary projects," said SMPTE Executive Director David Grindle. "Through her academic research and her leadership of award-winning professional productions, she has gained remarkable insight into experiential design, extended realities, and other applications that leverage computational media in fresh, innovative ways. I'm thrilled that she is joining us as the keynote speaker for the 2022 SMPTE Summit."

Herruzo's presentation, "Enhancing Creative Disciplines Through Emerging Computational Media Tools," will focus on multiple immersive experiences and interactive environments and their ideation and production pipelines, which rely on emerging computational media tools including real-time graphics, computer vision, machine learning algorithms, and new XR tools. Her presentation also will highlight possible ethical incursions that can take place as people use new technologies in creative practices, providing a foundation for further discussion and development of ethical frameworks in the technological arts.

Herruzo has more than 10 years of experience working with new media tools, and her professional focus is the incorporation of lighting, audio, and video with the physical environment and human interaction. Synthesizing disciplines, she creates spatial experiences for a wide range of applications and audiences such as art installations, live music events, film, and architecture.
Herruzo is co-founder of the art collective NaiveLaser and of the interactive agency VirtuLabs, where she brings creative talent as well as technical direction and engineering skills to multidisciplinary projects. She previously worked as an interactive engineer at leading creative studio Obscura Digital, where she led the development of large-scale productions including immersive experiences, real-time visuals, audio-reactive event pieces, interactive multidisplays, and multitouch installations. Herruzo has worked directly with clients including NASA, Google, Nike, Spotify, and Warner Bros., and she has led projects that have earned awards and recognition on a global scale.

In her interdisciplinary research, Herruzo focuses on experiential design, extended realities, and emerging media ethics. She is an associate professor at Arizona State University within the new Media and Immersive eXperience (MIX) Center. She earlier served as director of the Applied Computer Science - Media Arts department at Woodbury University in Los Angeles and as an instructor at educational institutions such as University of Texas in Austin and University of California, Los Angeles. She holds a Ph.D. in architectural communication, a Master of Architecture from the ETSAM (Madrid, Spain), and a Master of Design Research with a focus on new media -arts from SCI-Arc (Los Angeles, California). She has exhibited and published widely on her research topics.




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