NAB 2015: Disk Archive Corporation am Stand N432

Unterstützung von 8 TB Archive-Disk-Drives
Hybride Cloud-Speicherlösung

Unterstützung von 8 TB Archive-Disk-DrivesHybride Cloud-Speicherlösung

Alto Perspective

At Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterNAB 2015 Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterDAC will announce support for a new generation of Archive Specific 8TB disk drives, which are set to transform the economics of Deep Archive storage on the ALTO Offline platform. The new Disk Drive technology is optimized for long retention times and low throughput characteristically required for Deep Archives and Preservation. With up to 4 Petabytes per rack cabinet, the footprint is significantly smaller than other Archive solutions and being disk-based, the environmental specifications are more relaxed than tape-based solutions bringing direct and indirect cost savings to the ALTO system, which already features the industry’s lowest total lifetime cost of ownership.
DAC will present a new storage concept, which overturns the traditional economic barriers that have made Cloud Storage unaffordable for long form broadcast content in native resolution. Combining the strengths of a high-yield on-premise appliance backed by a Copy of Last Resort in the Cloud, the system offers a multi-petabyte class solution with ultra-low TCO for Broadcasters and Media Companies who need secure and affordable storage for DPP/AS11 tapeless operations