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Produkte und Lösungen

Network Attached Processor for Broadcast IP

“The move to IP is causing many in the broadcast industry sleepless nights, particularly the challenge of integrating and controlling increasingly...


Esports Production at IBC 2018

ESL has worked with EVS to build the industry’s first in-game slow motion replay solution, as stated on their own account, which will be on display at...


MIST supports TSP 2121:2018 IMF Application DPP

With the aim to serve specific broadcast and OTT needs for the exchange of IMF (Interoperable Master Format) packages and the preparation of AS-11 X...


Chronologie und Zukunft des Broadcast

60 Jahre Objektive für den Broadcast

Canon feiert sein 60-jähriges Jubiläum mit Objektiven für das Broadcasting-Segment. Die Besucher des Standes...


Building a 4.5G-Based Power Grid Network

The traditional VHF (30~300MHz) / UHF (300~3000MHz) narrowband discrete spectrum used in the energy industry cannot meet the requirements for power...


Improving OTT and TV delivery at IBC 2018

“The media and broadcast industries are evolving at a rapid pace as operators need to deliver higher quality of experiences, reach more screen types,...


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