Produkte und Lösungen

Dejero's EnGo mobile transmitter with more processing power

The latest version of Dejero‘s EnGo mobile transmitter, which is now 5G-ready, features more processing power to deliver unique content adaptive...


Novel HUB Shared Storage System from Facilis

Facilis announced its newly shipped HUB Shared Storage System, and previews of version 8.0 HUB software management. Built as an entirely new platform,...


BFE: workflow tools for the IP world

BFE introduces the latest version of the company’s KSC CORE system. BFE’s solution, created to answer some of the fundamental questions when designing...


Grass Valley showcases GV Stratus One

Grass Valley unveils its newly launched GV Stratus One. Delivering unmatched content management capability in a compact 2 RU footprint, as per the...


Quantum F-Series uses NVMe flash drives

The Quantum F-Series, an ultra-fast, highly available NVMe storage array for editing, rendering, and processing video content and other large...


Stage Tec with IP-based Nexus connections

The Nexus audio network, manufactured by Stage Tec in Berlin, was previously designed exclusively for networking using a proprietary fibre optic cable...


Clear-Com's FreeSpeak Edge with an all-new 5GHz chipset

Clear-Com announces FreeSpeak Edge, the latest addition to the FreeSpeak family of digital wireless intercom solutions. Built from the ground up,...


Broadcasting Center Europe automates trailer generation

With the Automate-IT solution developed by the publisher Embrace, Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) automates the production of many RTL TVI and PLUG...


ARRI stellt neuen LED-Scheinwerfer „Orbiter“ vor

Mit Orbiter stellt ARRI einen neuen LED-Scheinwerfer vor, der mit einer neuen Sechs-Kanal-Light-Engine einen größeren Farbraum und eine „hervorragende...

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