VR Days Europe 2018

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Virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR) business innovation and creativity

VR Days Europe will take place at two dedicated locations within Amsterdam. The DeLaMar Theatre will play host to the Vision & Impact Conference on 24 October, with an exhibition, features and workshops taking place at the Kromhouthal Amsterdam on 25-26 October. The focus of this year’s three-day festival is to provide attendees with key takeaways on the topical theme:

"What role does XR technology currently play, and what can be expected of mixed reality solutions in the future?"

VR Days Europe will explore the market sectors that are driving technological innovation and creative business solutions. Including:

  • Media/Arts/Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise

Now in its fourth edition VR Days Europe will feature:

  • 2,000+ Professional Attendees
  • 140+ Speakers
  • 100+ Exhibitors

Quelle: VR Days
Quelle: VR Days
Quelle: VR Days
Quelle: VR Days


Promoting VR and AR in the broadcast sense

The Halo Awards are awards for augmented, virtual and mixed reality projects. The goal of the awards is to shine a special light on outstanding creative and innovative works, performances, projects and the people that produced them. The works will be rewarded with a gold, silver or bronze Halo.

The Halo Awards ambition is to set the standard for quality works, to unite the VR and AR community and to promote VR and AR in the broadest sense. Entries will enter through an open call to the makers. A specialised jury of industry experts will assign prizes.

Awards will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Cinematic
  • Gaming
  • Location-based
  • Non-fiction
  • Creative Accomplishment
  • Applied
  • University Project



Here´s a list of all the speakers who will attend this year´s VR Days.

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Program Schedule

Here is the Conference Program of VR Days 2018. Get an insight into the topics of discussion!

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Highlights of VR Days 2017


Michel Reilhac
Submarine Channel Amsterdam

Head of Submarine Channel Amsterdam Michel Reilhac explains at VR Days Europe 2017 his vision for virtual reality and augmented reality in the now and in the future.

He also tells what he took away from the talk he moderated on what it means to write for or act in VR. Reilhac: "For another three to five years, I feel very strongly that we are in this privileged moment, where we are inventing a new art form. We are inventing a new language, a new aesthetic."

Michel speaks about headsets, virtual reality glasses to access email, using gestures and sound, theater, domes with shared experiences, the dangers looming ahead and what VR can do for education and health: "We are going to see fenomenal improvements in therapy, in treatment."


Marco DeMiroz

The VR Fund

General partner of The VR Fund Marco DeMiroz highlights at VR Days Europe 2017 some of the investments his fund made. He expresses his ideas on where virtual reality is in its development and where (and when) he expects virtual reality and augmented reality to go. Also DeMiroz comments on XRBasefund, EU's first dedicated XR fund. Find out more about the fund here.

DeMiroz will attend VR Days Europe 2018.


Dominic Eskofier


European Head of VR for Nvidia Dominic Eskofier explains what can be done and what to still expect when it comes to audio in virtual reality. He led a panel on this subject during VR Days Europe and he tells us what he learned.

"Audio in VR is not an addition, it’s a multiplier." According to Dominic audio until now has been underestimated in VR. There is a lot of work to be done for audio to be a perfect match to virtual reality. One interesting aspect Dominic points out is what is called ‘spectral cues’: "Sound isn’t only coming directly coming to our ears. It is also bouncing off the back of our ears, it’s bouncing off our shoulders. Which means that physiology of different humans makes a difference for the way you listen to audio."

Follow his blog here.

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